How and Why to Take Notes and Provide Ongoing Feedback to Employees

Why take Notes?

There are many benefits of taking notes on your employees throughout the year – good performance reviews are based on details, and taking notes is a great way to keep track of details you may ordinarily forget! Effective performance reviews are all about detail. There are a number of advantages to utilizing the note-taking feature throughout the year:

  • Makes for deeper, more specific performance reviews: Notes give context to performance while supporting competency ratings and creating discussion points for conversations between managers and employees.
  • Brings more voices to the evaluation process: Employees higher up the reporting structure can leave notes, allowing for a department head or team lead to provide input.
  • Promotes ongoing feedback: Employees want to know how they’re performing and notes facilitate consistent feedback.
  • Reduces recency bias: Reviews too often focus on the employee’s most recent successes and failures but collecting notes throughout the evaluation cycle ensures everything is covered.
  • Reduces completion time:  Relevant notes make completing an employee’s evaluation a breeze since much of the necessary information is already in Trakstar Perform.

Check out our Notes in Trakstar Perform Guide to learn more about the benefits of taking notes throughout the year.

How to Take a Note:

Step 1: From the Home page, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the ‘Set Goals’ button. This will be to the right of the employee’s name.

Step 2:  Click in the text box under the employee’s name that reads “add a note…”.

Step 3: Select a privacy option. Visible to Employee?: Yes or No. Please keep in mind that a note that is not visible to your employee will still be visible to Site Administrators.

Optional: Select a competency, goal or question from the drop down menu to add the note to that element. Select Add this Note when finished.  If no competency, goal or question is selected, the note will be added to the General Notes section.

If enabled by your Administrator, you can take notes on others in your organization outside of your reporting structure by clicking on their name. You will find these employees at the bottom of your Home page under Take Notes:

How to Incorporate Notes during the Scoring Phase: 

You can reference Notes taken throughout the year during the Scoring phase for a more thorough review. If the Note was tied to a specific Competency, you may see something like this:

Clicking on Notes (1) will reveal the text of the note. You can then copy those notes to the Comments field if you wish to capture these notes in the final review, or simply use them as a reference.

Any note that is not linked to a specific element can be found in the “Summary Comments” section at the very bottom of the review form.

Notes are saved alongside the review document unless otherwise specified by your Administrator.

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